Joomla 1.0 Tutorials from BeautyinDesign – Jiwang WareZ Scene

Joomla 3.1 Tutorials from BeautyinDesign
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A few lessons from BeautyinDesign video in which you will learn how to work with Joomla lessons are using Joomla 3.1.3
Included following items
Basic Joomla Administration
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One lesson – What is JOOMLA?
- Advantages of the JOOMLA CMS (Demonstrate Several Capabilities)
• User Manager (block users, restrict users, etc.)
• Moving Modules o Dynamic Menus
• Easy Change of the Future Looks for
Maintenance • Save time o Ability to edit and manage content (Front-end)
- Different uses of JOOMLA (include Add-ONS That Are available)
• Blogs
• News Sites
• E-Commerce
• Property Management
• Photo Galleries
• Calendar and Gig Management
• The List is Endless ! Lesson Two – Installation • Uploading the Folders Manually • Download • Unzip FTP Upload • • Uploading through JoomlaPlug Website • Upload • The Installation Wizard • The Configuration File Lesson Three – Learning Your Way Around • The Interface • Menus, Content, Config file, Site Preview, etc. • Installation of Components, Modules, mambots, etc. • User Manager Language Manager • Lesson Four – Understanding Content • Filing Structure (Sections, Categories, and Content) • File Cabinets Are Sections • Categories Are File Folders • Content Are Files • Content Page Options • Understanding Intro Text Lesson Five – Modules, mambots, and Components and Modules • Positions, What Are They? • Components, What Are They? • mambots, What Are They? Lesson Six – User and Template Manager • Registration Options for Users • Access Levels and Restrictions • Switching templates • Editing Templates CSS and HTML VIA options Lesson Seven – The Menu Manager • Understanding a Menu and a menu module • Differences in Menu Links • Configuring the Different Menu Links

Building a CSS Template for JOOMLA
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One lesson – Slicing a Photoshop Image
• Planning the Layout
• Slicing Images
• Naming Slices
• Saving for the Web Lesson Two – Creating the Foundation • Files and Folders • Linking the CSS INTO the PHP Document • Getting Setup in Style Master • Creating the DIV tags Lesson Three – CSS Layout I • Styling the Body • Styling the Container • Styling the Header Lesson Four – CSS Layout II • Styling the content DIV • Working through browser bugs Lesson Five – Finishing up and JOOMLA Integration • Install JOOMLA Plug-in from • Placing the Header Code • Placing the Content Code • Prepare the XML file • Zip and Upload

Increasing User Experience With javascript
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• Overview of the series
• Showcasing the javascript Effects
Lesson Two – De-cluttering the Membership Page
• attaching scripts
• Considering the MooTools as a solution to a cluttered Layout
• Using the Fx.Styles of Mootools to Change element Properties
Lesson Three – Using MooTabs to condense Related Products
• Understanding How MooTabs Works
• Implementing MooTabs to condense the related products of a Shopping Cart
Lesson Four – Using a MooTools ‘Light Box’ to Create a Friendly Gallery
• Understanding the problem with the existing gallery
• Fixing the gallery with the MooTools Light Box
Lesson Five – Using Fx.Styles to Control Font Size
• Selecting an area to Change
• Implementing Fx.Styles to Change Fonts
Lesson Six – Creating a Sliding Sub Menu with MooTools
• Analyzing the main menu and sub-menu for Implementation
• Implement Some simple MooTools Effects to Reveal sub-Links
Lesson Seven – Implementing Reflection javascript for Images
• Downloading and using reflection.js Images for
Lesson Eight – Creating a Sliding Image Menu
• Understanding How the Sliding Image Menu Works
• Implementing the Sliding Image Menu
Lesson nine – Using AJAX with the Sliding Image Menu
• Creating an updated area for Changing content
• Implementing AJAX with the Sliding Links Menu Image

Joomla Optimization
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One lesson – Validation
CSS Validation •
Validation • XHTML
• Correcting incorrect Markup
Lesson Two – Improving Module Output
• Different types of module output options
• Optimizing the template (Continued from the JOOMLA Template Series)
Lesson Three – Improving JOOMLA Accessibility
• Better font usage
• Using CSS to Better Compression file sizes
Lesson Four – Using ARTIO SEF Component
• Getting JOOMLA Ready for Better URL’s
• Around ARTIO

MooTools for the Rest of Us
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One lesson – Ideas and Resources
• The Purpose and Format of this series
• Where to Get ideas from / Documentation
• Getting MooTools
Lesson Two – Setting up the Document
• javascript insertion
• Testing out an effect
Lesson Three – Creating a Drag-able/Resize Able-Window
• Finding ideas
• Implementing an idea
• Duplicating Several Windows
Lesson Four – Opacity Fades for Various Windows
• Recognizing Windows to fade
• Implementing the code
• Custom Options
Lesson Five – Using Moo.Ajax for the JoomlaOS Template
• Some Benefits
• Creating an Ajax link for the JoomlaOS Template

Template Migration for Joomla
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One lesson – Introduction and Re-Ordering the File Structure
• Introduction to the Template
• Moving the template to the correct Files Location for Joomla
Lesson Two – Optimizing the Template
• The Dreamweaver extension from
• Inserting the PHP tags, header code, and Various Other code
Lesson Three – The Template Details XML File
• How the template_details.xml Works
• Assigning Files, Images, CSS, etc.
Lesson Four – Re-naming and Styling Main Menu the
• Understanding How the Main Menu is styled
• Re -Assigning existing menu styles with the Joomla selectors
Lesson Five – Migrating Styles for Use with Modules
• Latest News module changes
• Main menu module stylings in Other positions
Lesson Six – Custom Module Styling Using Class suffixes
• Styling the Newsflash module Similar to the static template
Using class suffixes in Joomla
Lesson Seven – Styling Various Joomla Elements
• Style matching the titles, Paragraphs, etc. in the template
• News component styling


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GO Joomla 1.0 Tutorials from BeautyinDesign – Jiwang WareZ Scene

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